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Press Advertising
Press exists  long ago and has many advantages:
1. Everybody (well, almost everybody) reads it.
2. It is bought to be read.
3. Advertising cannot be removed from the press by button switching.
4. The press is divided into female, male, business, social and political, etc.
5. The press requires less contacts with audience.

Accommodation in press
The press merits can be much talked about, but own planning is necessary for each of the Clients, that’s why here are some words about possibilities of advertising accommodation in press: 
1.       We work with press in whole Russia and CIS.
2.       Newspapers and journals are at your disposal.
3.       Information accommodation is possible in the following form: lines, modules, article materials.
4.       We have a flexible discount policy.
5.       We present samples of editions with your advertising.
You can get information about prices by electronic inquiry

Advertising in the press - weighed all the pros and cons
During the advertising campaign, any manager considers the possibility of posting information about his products in the print media. However, with the advent of the global network and other non-standard methods of promotion, which undoubtedly compete with print media, the question arises of the advisability of advertising in the press.
Advertising in the press - newspaper or magazine?
Despite competing media, press advertising still holds high positions in terms of performance. However, the effectiveness of advertising in the press depends on many factors, primarily on the type of print media.

Newspaper Advertising
The most common ways of advertising in a newspaper are modular advertising and articles of an advertising and informational nature.
The cost of advertising in a newspaper.
The peculiarities of advertising in a newspaper are primarily the low cost of placement. Not every advertiser can afford to advertise in magazines.
Newspapers are published at different intervals: every day, twice a week, weekly, etc. This feature should also be taken into account during the advertising campaign. Due to its "short life”, the newspaper is one of the best ways to promote stocks and sales.
The audience of advertising in the newspaper.
With the advent of the Internet, the audience of newspapers has substantially grown. Young people prefer to receive information online. However, it is the "adult” audience that is distinguished by greater solvency and independence in making shopping decisions.
Local newspapers, especially in small cities, due to the low level of competition or lack thereof, have a wide audience reach, which makes them the most attractive for Advertisers.
High competition - the battle for the attention of the buyer. When creating a model of modular advertising in a newspaper, it is important to remember that on the pages of the newspaper your advertisement may "get lost” among many others. To pay attention to your advertising, you need to choose the right place on the page, the original, bright design, successfully written "selling" advertising text.
Magazine Advertising
The cost of advertising in a magazine. Advertising in glossy magazines differs significantly from advertising in newspapers, primarily, the cost of placement. Magazine advertising is still an expensive medium for advertising.
The high cost is primarily due to the information the magazine contains; it forms a certain lifestyle that everyone wants to adhere to, regardless of gender. Due to the high cost of magazines, one can judge the solvency of readers.
As a rule, a magazine is published once a month, it has a long shelf life, it can be turned over and re-read repeatedly.
Therefore, in glossy magazines, image advertising is the most popular.
The effectiveness of advertising in the press.
Unlike short commercials on TV or radio, readers of newspapers and magazines have a longer visual contact with advertising. Moreover, advertising in newspapers and magazines is lower compared to television advertising and advertising on the radio.
The second question that the Advertiser faces is related to the choice: "What is better - to hire a specialist who will determine the most profitable and effective options for advertising in the press, design, write advertising texts, or seek help from professionals?”

One head is good, but three is even better
Of course, the presence of an advertising specialist who composes an advertising text, develops a design layout, calls editorial offices of magazines or newspapers, and costs the company less. However, often an employee may not physically cope with all the tasks. For example, advertise in the most popular publications in Armenia.
Cooperation with us will solve the problem of lack of time and human resources.
Competence. A clear and deep knowledge of the advertising market, experience and constant interaction with popular Russian media will save you time on analytics, calls and price negotiations.
The high professionalism of designers and copywriters of the __ agency allows us to carry out a huge front of work in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency.
Saving. We advertise in the media with discounts for advertising agencies. Turning to us, you will pay only for placement in the media, without commission to the agency.
Individual approach. Like any other company, we are focused on long-term relationships. Therefore, we offer regular customers more favorable conditions for cooperation.



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