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Маркетинговые Исследования в Армении

 Marketing research is  the mos importane basis in planning of the enterprise's market actions. Maximum efficient distribution of the enterprise's resources and correct selection of a way for achievement of objectives is posssible only on the marketing research analysis  results. Planning of the company's market actions  based on the general information or the information, received for solution of others' tasks , means  acting in conditions of uncertainty and carrying out of incorrect actions , that leads  to the loss  of profit, first of all.

Specialists of  "Focus Media Group" Marketing Agency carry out a full cycle of marketign research, starting with development of the research method and programme and ending with preparation of an analytical report. The research experience has shown that there are no similar situations in the market, so, durign development and planning of the research, we focus on solution of individual tasks which the client faces .


The most important market indicators , which can be determined through marketing research, are presented below .
 1. The goods and services market research aims, first of all, at determination of the following market indicators:
- Qualitative determination of all the  consumers  (for the industrial market, with a contact information: website, address, telephone/fax, e-mail);
- Segmentation of consumers.
- Determination of the market capacity and the volume of consumption by each consumer or each market segment;
- Determination of the market participants: suppliers, including producers, wholesale trade companies , distributors , dealers , owners, etc. Provision of a contact information (website, address, telephone, e-mail);
- Determination of the market share held by each participant as of the date of research;
- Determination of the sales methods used by the market participants, and other marketing communications  functioning  in the market (advertising, PR, sectoral exhibitions, Internet);
- Determination of the market dynamics  (changes over certain previous periods );
- Determination of the market potential (possibility and value of the growth or fall, reasons of the change, etc.);
- Determination of the market structure and geography;
- Risk determination;
- Determination of the factors,  which impact  the market change,  and the impact force;
- Increase or reduction of the market capacity and change of the market participants shares are fdorecasted, as well as  the directions of changes in the market are determined and other tasks are solved based on the market research data.


Исследования в Армении 

2. Consumer researches:
  • Determination of all the consumers and segmentation;
  • Determination of the market capacity and the consumption volume;
  • Determination of of the consumption volume in each segment or by each consumer;
  • Determination of consumers' demands to the products being purchased;
  • Determination of the tasks solved by consumers  when products are acquired;
  • Revelation of unsatisfied needs ;
  • Determination of the ways of search of suppliers of goods and services by consumers ;
  • Determination of the criteria  of selection of the goods and services being  acquired  and their suppliers ;
  • Determination of the price ranges  acceptable for the consumers ;
  • Generation of a decision-making model during selection of a product and supplier of the selected product;
  • Evaluation of satisfaction with the goods and services by the current suppliers ;
  • Evaluation of satisfaction with the product being purchased;
  • Investigation of the advertising perception,assessment of the advertising efficiency.
3. The following tasks solve research of the competitive environment:
- Determination of all the rivals with indication of the contact information;
- Determination of the market share held by each rival;
- Determination of productive capacities;
- Determination of the competitive product's "price-quality" ratio;
- Determination of the rivals' price, product line and advertising policy ;
- Determination of the sales methods used by rivals;
- Comparative analysis of the competitive environment on the  different comparison  variables;
- Deep investigation of rivals;
- Other tasks by the client's order.

Исследования потребителей в Армении

 4. Marketing communication channels system research
Marketing communication channels system research (advertising and PR in the printed media, on Radio, TV, in the Internet, on the billboards and other different sources , sectoral exhibitions , stealth marketing, etc.). These investigations solve the tasks on determination of the marketing communication channles efficiency, selection of the most efficient and economically sound ones for influence on the market:
-   Mass media research (printed media, radio, TV, Internet)
-   Advertising and PR communications research;
-   Sectoral exhibitions research;
-   Internet communications research;
-   determination of the possible stealth marketing and other research.
5. Complex marketing research
Complex marketing research, including research of the markets, consumers, rivals, marketing communication challens system, aimed at obtainment of results for solution of such tasks as :
-     determination of the Company's  potential  in the market;
-     determination of the business  investment attractiveness;
-     development of the Company's  market strategy;
-     development of the Company recovery actions;
-     development of an optimal marketing service structure at the enterprise;
-     elaboration of  actions on development of the Company's new  direction;
-     and other tasks. 


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